PYROVATEX® was introduced in the 1960s as a durable flame retardant product for cellulosic fibers. Continuous improvements have reflected changes in market requirements and environmental issues. From its introduction until today, however one thing has remained constant—PYROVATEX® offers the maximum combination of overall flame and heat protection and unsurpassed comfort in treated garments. PYROVATEX® has been used to treat more than 100 million square meters of fabric. Garments produced from these fabrics provide people around the world with life saving protection.

Maximum protection 
• treated fabrics offer the best overall flame protection available for cotton, as proved by comprehensive testing in line with international flame retardant standards.
• treated fabrics barely shrink when exposed to heat and flames, thereby ensuring that the skin is not exposed to hazardous conditions.
• treated cotton, unlike synthetics, will not melt in the presence of heat and flames. Melted cloth presents a risk to the wearer.
• treated fabrics afford excellent thermal protection when heat is an added danger.

Excellence in use 
• treated fabrics have outstanding durability to wash and wear, which assures long life of the clothing.
• finishes have negligible influence on fabric coloration and therefore preserve flexibility to meet specific color demands.
• treated fabrics have good compatibility with other treatments, permitting the creation of multifunctional garments.
• treated fabrics can also fulfill TEFLON® standards in providing a durable barrier against water, oil, and dirt.

Superior comfort 
Garment comfort is essential for effective workwear. Wearing of these garments is usually accompanied by strenuous physical effort; therefore comfortable clothing is more likely to be used—and used properly. It is no coincidence that cotton is the most widely used fiber in the world. Its inherent soft-ness is enhanced by its ability to keep the wearer cool in hot climates, and warm in cold climates. Additionally, it offers a breathability that is far superior to that of synthetic fibres. PYROVATEX® treatment is not detrimental to the comfort of cotton. Some flame retardant finishes work by forming “films”, or complexes, on the surface of the garment, resulting in a stiffer handle. Fabrics treated with PYROVATEX® maintain their original softness.

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